Sex : Neuter female

Born on : July 15th, 2002

Colors : Brown mackerel tabby

Health : GSD4 negativ - PK Def carrier - HCM normal 19.12.2006 & 24.02.2011

Father : GIC S*Just Catnap's Len Deighton

Mother : IP CH S*MorrHoppan's Ozca, DM

Pedigree : Click here

Zolena is a big and strong female (5.5 kg), with a wild expression, a super coat quality and ears with fantastic lynx tuffs. Zolena is a very loving cat with humans, but she does not like other cats so much.

Zolena is the mother of some of our most beautiful cats :
IC JW Olisbos (former stud in our cattery)
Olivia (Cattery Royaume de Talmanis)
Rip Curl (cattery Colline d’Astraia)
GIC Rigatonni Rabiata (cattery Les Fines Terres)
Taima (own cattery)
Géricault (own cattery)

Zolena is Distinguished Merit, thanks to the following cats :
IC Olisbos av Skara Brae
GIC Taima av Skara Brae
GIC Rigatonni Rabiatta des Fines Terres
IC Galizia av Skara Brae
IC Tora av Skara Brae

She joined the stars October 2013, at the age of 11 years. Zolena had a mammary cancer for over one year, but this one was well under control, but it's finally metastasis in the stomach that took her.

Zolena Zolena Zolena Zolena
Zolena Zolena Zolena Zolena Zolena Zolena

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